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Digger's Delight Potting Soil

Our goal as a soil company has always been about results.  We believe that if your plants love the soil and thrive, then you'll love it too.  Digger's Delight Potting Soil is a premium container mix for houseplants, hanging baskets and porch containers.  It's a complete mix, so you don't add anything and has a natural wetting agent for superior moisture control.   So whether you're new to gardening or have been gardening for years, simply pour, plant and enjoy great results.  As an added bonus, we mix in a slow release fertilizer to feed your plants for an entire season!

Digger's Delight Premium Potting Soil

What do we love about Digger's Delight Potting Soil?  Results!  It's so easy to grow beautiful flowers without fertilizing for the whole season. 

"Great stuff and I can't imagine using anything else!  It really is a great product and supporting a Mississippi company is an added bonus"
A Digger's Delight Potting Soil User
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