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Brown Cypress Mulch
Brown Pine Mulch
Digger's Delight Colored Mulch Bag
Chocolate Bark
Norman Mulch
Norman Mulch
Brown Pine Mulch
Dura Cypress Mulch
Autumn Red Mulch
Dura Cypress Mulch
Sunset Mulch
Black Mulch
Norman Mulch
Flower and Garden Mulch
DuraCypress Mulch
Super Dura Mulch
Sunset Mulch
Frankly Scarlett Mulch
Dark Dura Mulch
Russett Mulch
Double Ground Hardwood Mulch
Bella Brown Hardwood
Kodiak Mulch

Natural Mulch
We manufacture natural pine bark mulch and natural hardwood mulch.  These are all processed to the right consistency for easy application.

Call for a quote today!  662-726-5224

Colored Mulch

​We were one of the first companies in the U.S. to make colored mulch and invented Dura Mulch in the 1990's.  We start with high quality virgin raw materials, and add safe non-toxic colorants to create our long lasting colored mulch products.  We use only virgin raw materials, and no ground up pallets or construction waste, because the use of these materials can introduce unwanted chemicals or metals into mulch.  Our unique colorizing process fixes the dye in the mulch to create long lasting and fade resistant color.  While some mulch manufacturers recommend not watering or exposing mulch to rainfall for 24-48 hours after installation, our mulch can be put out in any conditions with no color run off! Our attention to detail means that our products are consistent every time.  We have more color variety than any mulch producer in the industry to provide greater choice and value for our customers.  Add in our great, on-time delivery system and customer centered business model and we become the best choice for wholesale mulch in the Southeastern U.S.! 

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