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Sunflowers with Nitrolyzed Soil Products

Loamus Soil Builder

Loamus Soil Builder was the first nitrogen stabilized product we developed and marketed.  Scientific research from the West Coast states that no bark or wood material should be added to soil without first being nitrogen stabilized.  Stabilization prevents organic products added to soil from competing for nitrogen with plants.  The result is that your fertilizer works better and more nutrients are available for your plants!

No Loamus Soil Builder


We were visiting one of our customers one day, a long time user of Loamus Soil Builder.  I asked her about her results with the Loamus and why she believed in it.  She said, "I can show you."  She took us to the bed on the left and said she had planted two beds of sunflowers and they had received the same water and fertilizer.  The only difference in the two is that one of the beds had been amended with Loamus Soil Builder twice a year.  These two photos are the actual results.  The one on the left had no Loamus Soil Builder and the one on the right did.

When Ole Miss had their trees die in The Grove, they contacted us for a soil amendment to improve the soil in The Grove and for planting their new trees.  What did they use?  Loamus Soil Builder.

Does Loamus work?  Years of great results are the proof!

With Loamus Soil Builder
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