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No Flower and Garden Mulch
With Flower and Garden Mulch

Flower and Garden Mulch

Flower and Garden Mulch is a nitrogen stabilized mulch that can be tilled in as a soil amendment at the end of the season.  It was developed for a university who was looking for a mulch for their campus landscape that they didn't have to rake out at the end of the season.   The result is fuller, larger flowers with more blooms.  It's mulch with benefits!

Pansies mulched with pine bark mulch are smaller and less full with visible space between plants.
Nitrogen draw down means the mulch is taking nitrogen from the plants to break down

Our Flower & Garden Mulch is nitrogen stabilized so your plants will be healthy and full.  Flower & Garden makes such a visible difference that many professional landscapers use it in their annual color beds.  Though they call it their "secret weapon", it's no secret that Flower & Garden mulch enhances flower and vegetable performance!  Ask for it at your local garden center today!

Flower & Garden Pansies 2019.jpg
Pansies mulched with Flower & Garden Mulch are fuller and thicker with no space between plants.
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