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Hi, we're Penick Organics.  We are an independent, family-owned business with roots in Macon, Mississippi.  Our products are made with care from local raw materials found right here in the Southeastern U. S.  So they naturally have the nutrients Southern gardens need to produce delightful results.

Our mulch is made from 100% virgin raw materials with no ground up pallets or construction waste.  The use of certain types of these recycled wood products can introduce unwanted chemicals or metal to mulch, so we simply don't use them. Pine, hardwood, and cypress are processed to enhance their natural beauty or we add a non-toxic dye to create eye catching colored products. We manufacture several shades of red, as well as brown and black. You can trust that our products are safe for children and pets, and provide superior results for any landscaping project. We ship in large semi loads to co-ops, nurseries, bulk yards, schools, hospitals, etc. all over the Southeastern U. S. 

We manufacture three types of material for use under playground structures.  Check out our Playground Material page for details!
 We have been in the mulch manufacturing business since the mid 1990's. Let us put our experience to work for you today! 

 All of our products are Digger approved and are safe for children and pets. 

Innovative Soil Products

Our mission is to empower gardeners by creating products that simplify their plant growing experience.  Our passion is making soils that plants love and will thrive in.   Our goal is to make gardening easy so that families can have fun and enjoy their gardening experiences more.  Our innovative soil products are scientifically formulated to grow healthy plants and we blend local raw materials in just the right proportions to create our soil mixes.  From premium potting mixes, to garden planting mix, to grower mixes, we do it all!  We sell soil in bulk or in bags to retailers, growers, and landscapers in the Southeastern United States.  At Penick, we make Southern soil for Southern gardening!





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