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Add Mulch to Containers to Hold Moisture

Digger's Flower & Garden Mulch is great for mulching containers, too!

It's August and it's smokin' hot in Mississippi! In the hot summer months, container plants dry out more quickly because of the intense heat. Several years ago, I was watering my containers every day or every other day and decided to mulch them to try to reduce my watering time. It worked great and I went from watering almost every day to watering once or twice a week. Any mulch will work, but I like to use our Digger's Flower and Garden Mulch because it's nitrogen stabilized and benefits my plants so I don't have to fertilize. We have a helpful how-to video on our Facebook page. Here's the link: Penick Organics Container Mulching Video

Dig It! It's Grow Time!

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