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Planting Outdoor Containers

Beautiful Container Plantings

It is time to plant those outdoor containers for the summer season! Outdoor containers can add beauty and interest to your porches and patio area and attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your outdoor space. Here are some container planting tips:

1. Choose your plants. When shopping for plants, always read the plant tags which will tell you what type of conditions the plants like. Choose plants for your container that like the same sun conditions and water requirements. Try to choose colors that will look good together and remember to add some drama with a plant that will trail over the side and a tall grass or plant to add height. Have fun when choosing plants and choose things you love!

2. Make sure the container you choose has a drainage hole. This will prevent your soil from staying too wet, which is a plant killer.

3. Put pebbles or broken crockery in the bottom of the pot and around the drain hole to aid with drainage. If your pot is large, you can fill part of the pot with styrofoam peanuts or plastic water bottles to lessen the amount of soil you will need.

4. Choose a good potting soil. Remember, you get what you pay for. Good soil will get your plants off to a good start and help them grow strong and healthy. I like to use our Digger's Delight Premium Potting Soil or Digger's Delight Professional Planting Mix.

5. Fill the pot with your potting soil, leaving room at the top so you can plant your plants.

6. Place plants in pots on top of the soil and rearrange until you are satisfied with the placement.

7. Remove plants from containers and plant. I like to disturb the roots a little before planting, especially if plants are root bound. Add additional soil to make sure the plants are planted well and the top of the root ball is a little below soil level.

8. Water thoroughly, but never push soil around plants after watering, as this can suffocate plant roots.

9. Do not over water. When soil gets dry, water as needed. In the hot summer months, you can mulch your containers to conserve moisture.

10. If blooms start to wane, choose a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus to promote blooming.

11. Enjoy!

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