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Digger's Vigor Plant Revitalizer

Digger's Vigor is an all natural blend of aged materials that promotes vigorous growth, fuller flowers and more vegetables.  Simply top dress with Vigor and enjoy the incredible results.   Have a houseplant that only has about half of the soil left in the pot?  Top it up with Vigor.  Tomatoes not producing?  Top dress with a 2" depth of Vigor around the plant and water as usual.  After about a week, watch the blooms and tomatoes arrive.  Flowering annuals not blooming?  Top dress with Vigor and enjoy the beautiful blooms.

Vigor in the 8 qt. yellow bag

Digger's Vigor is an all natural blend of compost that is designed for use as a revitalizing top dressing. Great for pooped out houseplants, veggies that just won't produce and annuals that refuse to flower.

This geranium was finished blooming!

Vigor was applied to this geranium a week ago. Notice the bloom bud already appearing.

Vigor after 4 weeks

This is the same geranium. Vigor was applied one time four weeks ago. Look at the incredible number of blooms!

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